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Monday, February 9th, 2009 08:55 pm
I never understood why people who needed a larger size kilt got charged more for the product... sure, I mean, I know that it takes more fabric but if your cost are in line with your prices, you should be able to handle a larger waist size without passing it on the client. It is called Customer Service (at least it is in my book).

One very prominent company charges $10 extra for size 39"-41", $20 extra for size 42"-44", $30 extra for 46"-48", $50 extra for 50"-52", $60 extra for 54"-56" ... and also an additional $45 extra for it to be cut for a "beer gut".

I do not charge extra for a larger waist size (and in reference to the above... most of my clients would count as "larger"!)

So, today, I mailed out such a kilt. My average client is between 36" - 44" waist size (this is actual inches, not pants sizes). This gentleman was a 73" waist. This kilt has 21 pleats and features extra belt loops, extra buttons for security and both cargo and back pockets.

The blue mat underneath is 36" ... and the kilt is folded in half at this point.

Also, after getting some feedback on the cargo pockets, I have decided to try out a different style to see if I can get more space in them with less pull. I worked these ones out for the above kilt... and need to product test them more.

Stuffed as full as I could get it...

For Reference: This is the current style of cargo pockets... in particular, this one is on [ profile] jeffreyp's kilt and features his initials stitched on the flap.



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