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Friday, November 6th, 2009 09:03 am
Class Schedule:
I keep my classes small and they will fill quickly. Please email me at in to get your spot (payment is necessary to secure it). I am also willing to teach individual versions of these classes if the group dates do not work. Sewing machines will be provided or you may use your own – please let me know if you will need a machine to work on. All classes will be taught at 2310 Packers Ave Suite B, Madison, WI 53704

Beginning Hand Sewing: Never even picked up a needle before, let alone use a sewing machine? Learn how to sew on a button (both shank and 4 square), repair a hole with a slip stitch, hem your pants with a whip stitch and without sewing at all. Materials and tools are provided – Fee: $20 (Mon 11/16, 6-8:30, Sun 12/6,10-12, or Mon 12/14, 6-8p)

Beginning Machine Sewing: Bring your own or use one of ours – we will teach you how to thread your machine, clean and care for it and start you sewing. A serger is also available for those who would like to try it out. Project is a small folded purse with a button closure. Material and tools are provided - Fee: $30 (Thu 11/19, 6-8p, Sun 11/22, 10-12p or Thr. 12/3, 6-8p )

Sewing A: Use a variety of techniques to make a functional tote bag – includes setting a zipper. This is a great class for you if you have very little or no sewing experience but are able to operate your sewing machine's basic functions. Material for a canvas tote will be provide but you may also bring your own (please email for information) - Fee: $40 (Sat 11/21, 9a-12p, or Mon 11/23, 6-8p and Mon 11/30, 6-8p)

Scoodie Class – Learn to make winter’s best accessory – it is part hoodie and part scarf and it will be reversible too! Participants will need to provide 1 yard each of two different fabrics (more information will be emailed out) This class is for anyone who has little or no sewing experience but can operate the basic functions of your machine. This class will leave you with a reusable pattern so you can make more since these are a great gift. - Fee: $40 (Sat 11/21, 12-4p, Sun 11/22, 12-4p or Thr 12/3, 6-8p and Thr 12/10, 6-8p or Sun 12/20, 12-4)

Patterns 101 – Find pre-printed patterns to be daunting? Learn to accurately take your (or someone else’s) measurements, pick and cut the right size pattern parts and learn how to alter it so that your garment fits. Techniques will also include how to build a fully lined garment. This class will provide of one of two patterns for a lady’s or men’s vest and you will need to purchase fabric (about 1.5 yards), lining and buttons. More information will be sent out as your spot is confirmed - Fee: $60 (Sun 12/6, 12-5, Sun 12/13 10-3 or Sat 12/19, 12-5)


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