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Thursday, September 4th, 2008 12:45 pm

Steampunk Spare Pockets

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my customers is the lack of pockets for costumes and steampunk daily wear so here is my solution. This would work with kilt, pants or skirt.

Attaching to any size belt (up to 2.5"), this hip pack features three small pockets, a key loop, a metal clip and slide roll holders. The small pockets are big enough to carry ID, Credit card or candies and small trinkets such as a pocket watch. One key loop is made of leather and the other is a small brass clip. It is made of 100% cotton in a spice tone and accented with brass rivets and square rings.

Open width is 14" and because of the button closures can be attached after the fact to an outfit.

Available plain (as shown) or distressed (please attach a note if you want it painted). Both styles can be had for $25.00. I am also willing to do it in different colors - such as dark brown, black, or tan and also with silver accents instead of brass.

More photos )

This item is available at our Etsy store... and for more photos of our kilts please check out our Flickr Album

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Saturday, August 16th, 2008 01:24 pm

Special Edition Steampunk kilt from Alt.Kilt

A custom made kilt featuring hand-painted 100% cotton base with antique brass rivets, gear and chain-link buttons and leather accents (including cutout shapes riveted/stitched on and a pleat return). This kilt had a rotary clasp right handed pocket and two smaller pockets on the left hand side. The apron cross-lock and leather strapping are adjustable and add a bit more flare to the function of the kilt. This special edition kilt is available from Alt.Kilt for a limited time at a cost of $375. Please email us at for more information!

I hope you enjoy the photos - taken by [ profile] pkstudios.

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Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 11:51 pm

More Kilt Photos: including D's black twill, new inside sizing tags and a couple of cargo pocket solutions )
Packing for mailed out Alt.Kilts Packing for mailed out Alt.Kilts
This is the inside packaging I use when I mail out the kilts. I guess it may be silly to do the wrapping but I think it is important to not just shove it in a box and call it a day.
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Monday, April 14th, 2008 11:06 pm

Bitch Mini Kilt - Hot pink version.
Box pleated with side panel inserts.

see more photos )

It is finally warm! Sure help with the coldness of my hands - I rearranged the studio space this weekend and now, I no longer have a kitchen table. :( But, I do have a sewing table and a cutting table :) Makes things much easier on my back and knees. [ profile] debunkshy and [ profile] birdfigment's kilts are going to by mid-next week and then, the rest of the list asap. I want to have all current orders completed by the mid-May so I can get ready for the summer season!
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Sunday, February 10th, 2008 02:48 pm
I am mailing out a bunch of sample fabric cards for Alt.Kilt. If you are interested in getting one - just leave me a quick comment (comments are screened). If there is a specific fabric you want to see on it also note that in the comment. I am mailing out final on Tuesday AM so you need to let me know by then.

This is a public post so if you know anyone who was thinking about ordering - just have them comment and I'll send them a card too.
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Tuesday, January 29th, 2008 11:36 pm
So I owe a few apologies out here in LJ land. Solid apologies to people, of whom, I have been bad about getting sewing orders out to. Most especially [ profile] debunkshy and [ profile] bifemmefatale but also , [ profile] issahla, [ profile] stephanieb and [ profile] jinxedkisses. There are probably more but it is fuck cold here and I can't keep typing lj codes.

In many ways I took the good graces of my friends a little too lightly. I took "whenever!" to mean whenever and I felt as though their understanding of my life would allow me flexibility. I was wrong - mainly in my own actions of taking too long of time and being a bit too loose with it all. I apologize. I am sorry. More than you will know - because honestly, guilt is one of those things that really gets my core and busts me up. I don't like disappointing people.

For the record, one of those orders is a year old and the rest are about six months old - which is unacceptable. I just got overwhelmed and many days I still am. Before the move, I was finishing school and that last semester was hell - not to mention the abdominal hernia and surgery that put me out for over a month. Then after moving and setting up shop in August, I couldn't really do it any more. After being out of the house for 10 hour days with work and the kids, I couldn't get motived to sew to save my life at the end of it. I just zoned out to the internet wishing I wasn't so god damn tired. I resigned myself to sew on weekends but now, I no longer have kid-free weekends and the stress of them playing around the house and in my workspace (which is much less separate than the loft was) while I tried to work in the same space was a disaster.

I have been on slow sewing since August - damn slow. It was moving best when I wasn't working another job. I was starting to really get through orders but I did take a stupid liberty and work first on those orders from non-friends. Once again, I made the mistake of taking advantage of my friends' good will... I must also admit that I am not good with un-firm deadlines. "I need it by 10/1" is so much better than "whenever" and it is my mistake for not asking for firm deadlines when I know that this is my problem. But I have been turning out orders - at least I really was for those 4 weeks I was on my own.

Now I had to get another day job due to C not sending child support - so this month I have been working 8 hour days with a 45 min. commute each way and yep, I have been fucking wiped out each night with weekends of hell on my hands due to not enough space or distance from the kids to actually get my work done. This is my truth. My non-friend customers were getting fair service (not great - but not bad) and my friends were getting none. This last month flew by so fast as I had to buckle down to work - I barely realized it was so far gone. I lost my sitter who was willing to take the kids at her house for hours on end. My largest support group is now 300 miles away and I get worn out balancing work, kids and home on my own. I am not good at it - it takes a real effort for me to do it alone and my learning curve on that bit of knowledge was the last 5 months.

I finished [ profile] debunkshy's kilt tonight and it will hit the mail on Friday as I leave town - I can't get to the mail any sooner as it is only open the hours I work. I got spoiled by late hrs. in Madison. It has taken me a year to make this one... mainly because it started out as the old design and then when I changed the design, I just got frustrated and put it aside. I didn't want to restart with a new piece of fabric because they no longer make that kind (so I didn't want to shorten my stash of it) but I couldn't face the reconstruction. I let it slide and in doing so, I fucked up and I provided crappy service to my friends. This kilt became my own personal cross to bear - silly as that may sound, projects can do that and this one did. I offer my sincere apologies.

I do not take obligations lightly and I have the wherewithal to complete all orders out to me right now and more promptly than before. I have just answered a bunch of emails regarding this to people out there on my list that I know are most concerned. Please email me if you need to discuss this with me - I will be out of town this coming weekend but will try to get to all emails before I leave on Friday. If you need a specific date added (as much to help you and to motivate my ass) please email that also to me and I will push for it.

I can do nothing but admit my mistakes. I keep getting really good reviews for my work from clients and it is something I want to see grow over time. Currently, my plan is to finish all orders out without taking in any new ones. I am applying to vend at CONvergence with stock to sell on site and taking a few orders. I, however, am human so life is not always in my control. It is my responsibility though - so, here my apology. I am sorry for the delays that have happened. I hope that they can be forgiven.