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Thursday, March 5th, 2009 08:26 am
I would prefer to hire friend or friends of friends who could use the money...So I am posting this here publicly so people can pass it around.

Sewing Help Needed!

Looking for stitchers who are local to the Minneapolis/St. Paul (and surrounding suburbs) area to start immediately on straight line sewing piece work. Some basic experience needed - most home sewers will find this to be quite easy. All you need is a single needle home or industrial machine and an iron. Persons who also have a serger could have additional work available to them.

All pieces would be dropped off fully marked and prepped for sewing. I will provide instructions and a demo piece to explain the process. I also supply all fabric and matching thread (either in cone or spool). I need a one week or less turn around time on each set - ranging from 5-10 pieces, at about 50 lines of stitching per piece.

Starting pay is $8 per piece - each piece should take about 45 minutes. With consistent speedy returns, I will raise the pay to $10 a piece. Also, if able to take on other project, I will pay accordingly. Pieces will be inspected for quality before payment.

I am looking for people I can get work to by this weekend! Please email me at techdragon @ altkilt . com ! Thank you!