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February 9th, 2009

techdragon: (Default)
Monday, February 9th, 2009 08:55 pm
I never understood why people who needed a larger size kilt got charged more for the product... sure, I mean, I know that it takes more fabric but if your cost are in line with your prices, you should be able to handle a larger waist size without passing it on the client. It is called Customer Service (at least it is in my book).

One very prominent company charges $10 extra for size 39"-41", $20 extra for size 42"-44", $30 extra for 46"-48", $50 extra for 50"-52", $60 extra for 54"-56" ... and also an additional $45 extra for it to be cut for a "beer gut".

I do not charge extra for a larger waist size (and in reference to the above... most of my clients would count as "larger"!)

So, today, I mailed out such a kilt. My average client is between 36" - 44" waist size (this is actual inches, not pants sizes). This gentleman was a 73" waist. This kilt has 21 pleats and features extra belt loops, extra buttons for security and both cargo and back pockets.

No real good way to photograph it )

Also, after getting some feedback on the cargo pockets, I have decided to try out a different style to see if I can get more space in them with less pull. I worked these ones out for the above kilt... and need to product test them more.

Cargo Pockets )